Pitts Theology Library

Pitts Library

The Pitts Theology Library is one of Emory University’s six instructional libraries. It is the second largest theological library in North America with total holdings of over a half-million volumes, of which more than 100,000 are in its rare book collection. An important part of these materials are the library’s Catholic holdings, some of the highlights of which are noted below.

Special Exhibits
On a regular basis, Pitts Theology Library sponsors Catholic exhibits that have included the "Journeys of Thomas Merton" and "Erasmus Greek New Testament at 500 years"

Fifteenth Century
A beautiful vellum French Book of Hours with about two dozen miniatures; about a hundred volumes of incunabula, including a 1477, richly illustrated translation of the Vulgate into German.
Sixteenth Century
This collection includes hundreds of sixteenth-century Catholic materials that document the response of the Roman church to the Protestant Reformation in Germany. This corpus includes an unused indulgence from 1515, twenty-eight papal bulls, three Catholic catechisms, the first and third editions of the famous Dietenberger Bible (issued in response to Luther's translation of Scripture), the Complutensian Polyglot, a first edition of the Canons and Decrees of the Council of Trent, and a first edition of Clement VIII's historic Pontificale romanum. In addition, the collection includes the following items printed by 1570: seventy-two publications by Erasmus, thirty-seven by Cochlaeus, thirty-four by Eck, twenty-nine by Witzel, and eleven by Emser.
Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
This collection includes seventeenth and eighteenth-century papal bulls, missals, breviaries, as well as a rich body of documents from England that track the course of the struggle between the Anglican and Catholic churches during this period. A significant collection of English broadsides and trial accounts deal with the persecution of the Catholic Church in connection with the "Popish Plots," precipitated by the fabricated charges of Titus Oates in 1678.
Nineteenth Century
This is one of North America's premiere collections of printed and manuscript materials related to the Oxford Movement (including one hundred and forty-nine items written by John Henry Cardinal Newman and published during his lifetime), as well as a large collection of items gathered by Henry Edward Cardinal Manning, materials issued in connection with Vatican I, the substance of Manning's personal library, and about a third of the Cardinal's personal papers.
Twentieth Century
The library has one of the nation’s largest collections of materials by Thomas Merton, including many first editions and several signed copies. In addition, it has in digital format about fifty of Merton’s working notebooks.   The Aquinas Center is proud to have assisted in the obtaining of the Father Thomas Keating archives, O.C.S.O. at Emory University. These archives will be used in research by students and scholars. We have also sponsored a class in Emory Lifelong Learning on Thomas Keating and Centering Prayer.  For more information on Father Keating and his foundation, Contemplative Outreach, visit  http://www.contemplativeoutreach.org