Emory Catholic Center

Emory University Catholic CenterThe University Catholic Center, an agency of the Archdiocese of Atlanta, serves as a pastoral and an educational resource for Emory University. The objective of this ministry is to complement students’ secular education with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In this manner, the Center helps students become mature Catholic adults able to live faithfully and morally in their personal and professional lives. The Center also serves as an informational and pastoral resource for inquirers into the Catholic faith.

The Center provides many opportunities to explore, celebrate, deepen and live out the Catholic faith.  Educational offerings include guest speakers, Archdiocesan programs, and co-sponsored events with other faith communities on the Emory campus.  Worship with our community and participate as a lector, sacristan, liturgy, Eucharistic minister, altar server, singer, or musician. The University Catholic Center offers retreats during the year and provides for those who wish to explore their faith through spiritual direction. Scripture and homily groups meet regularly to study informally and to reflect upon the Scriptures, drawing upon Catholic biblical sources for interpretation.