Vision, Mission Statement and The Need


The vision of the Aquinas Center is to transform lives through the search for God’s wisdom. Our activities nurture special engagements in which there are unexpected conversations for the common good. 

Mission Statement

The Aquinas Center at Candler School of Theology, Emory University provides a Catholic scholarly presence, ecumenical in spirit, for the benefit of Emory University, the Archdiocese and the region. It assists inquiring persons to enhance their knowledge of the living Catholic tradition and to engage in the intellectual and moral life of the church. 

Our mission goals are integrated into all of our activities including classes, lectures, conferences, seminars, the arts, or many other activities.

The Need

The need is great for Catholic higher education programming in the Atlanta area. In 1987 when the Aquinas Center was founded in the Archdiocese of North Georgia, there were less than 150,000 Catholics. We now have more than 1,000,000 Catholics in the Archdiocese. At Emory, it is estimated that almost 10% or at least 1400 of the 14,000+ students at Emory are Catholic. This figure reflects a national trend where it is estimated that 90% or 4.1 million Catholic students attend non­-Catholic universities or colleges. There is thus an important question for the Church: how does it provide opportunities for 4.1 million Catholic students to learn about the intellectual and spiritual depth of the Church at non-­Catholic colleges and universities?  At Emory University, we provide an answer.