Steffen Lösel

Steffen LÖSELDr. Steffen Lösel is Associate Professor of Systematic Theology at the Candler School of Theology, Emory University. His research focuses on the political mission of the church and on music and theology. Currently, he is writing a book on the theology of Mozart’s operas. Steffen teaches both graduate and doctoral students. He offers courses on a wide variety of topics, including the political theology of Saint Augustine, theological proposals for criminal punishment reform, theology, arts, and the built environment, liturgy and architecture, and twentieth-century Catholic theology. In addition to teaching, he has ministered in prison facilities and in the local church. Dr. Lösel received his doctorate from the University of Tübingen. is an ordained pastor in the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Bavaria.

Why I chose to be a board member at The Aquinas Center of Theology: I enjoy my work on the Board of the Aquinas Center, because it helps me to contribute to a stronger Catholic presence at Emory University and because I enjoy the interaction with the Catholic community beyond the walls of the university.