Marianna Patterson


Marianna Patterson is a native of Atlanta, who attended the Westminster School before attending and graduating from Emory University in 1960 majoring in English and Education. Marianna helped found the Northwest Atlanta Parents Council. She and her husband, Solon, who is Greek Orthodox, have devoted their lives over the last fifteen years to reconcile the Catholic and Orthodox Churches. They have sponsored the biannual Catholic Orthodox prayer service in the Archdiocese of Atlanta. This has included a visit with Pope Benedict and Patriarch. She has served on the Board of the Center for Orthodox Studies at Fordham University, sponsored an endowed chair and has helped to sponsor a triennial conference on Catholic Orthodox Relations. She is the Chief Financial Officer of the Patterson Family Fund. She received with Solon the Emory Medal, the university’s most prestigious honor for alumni service and achievement. She and Solon are the subject of East Meets West: Solon and Marianna Patterson Their Story. The Aquinas Center is inaugurating the Patterson Initiative on Catholic Orthodox relations in the fall of 2018.